Bernie Bregman
Bernie Bregman

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LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

BIRTHDATE: 03-06-79

OCCUPATION: I'm a fucking shark! :-)


CAST: Sins O' The Flesh

PREVIOUS CAST(S): Always been a Sinner. I was on Wild & Untamed Things as an Eddie and Riff for a time, but I'll only perform Brad at the Nuart unless I'm "guest performing" for a cast I'm not a member of.

TIME AS BRAD: started playing Brad in spring 1997

OTHER: I'm a lucky SOB to have come across near perfect materials for the cumberbund (off by a line) and a damn close bowtie (one color is a tad thick but otherwise a great copy). Though I only had enough for myself (and enough material for one other cumberbund which I gave to Ed Reed). FEAR NOT! My quest for perfect Bradness will not end 'till I've found them again and supplied all the wonderful Brads out there with them.