Ryan Stern
Ryan Stern

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LOCATION: West Los Angeles, CA


OCCUPATION: Data Storage Hardware (Computer Industry)

HOMEPAGE: http://www.rydot.com/

E-MAIL: brad@rydot.com

CAST: Sins O' The Flesh

PREVIOUS CAST(S): Nope, I'm a Sinner, baby-- YEAH!

TIME AS BRAD: I have officially been Brad (Understudy Brad) for Sins o' the Flesh in Los Angeles since December 2, 2000

OTHER: I was taught by the best and have been embedded with the same desire to pursue Perfect Bradness. In addition to performing at my home cast Sins o' the Flesh, I occasionally guest perform at other theatres in the Southern California Area.

I also serve my cast on Props and Tech and maintain a small website http://rocky.rydot.com for photos of prop-construction and DVD research photo captures for any interested parties!

(Added to site in 2/01)