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LOCATION: currently, i live in myrtle beach, sc, but have performed while i used to live in anderson, sc.

BIRTHDATE: 06/20/78

OCCUPATION: im the "cast cripple" true...while living and performing in anderson, i played Brad and Janet, depending on whom we needed....but when our theatre closed, and we moved to easley, sc, i took on the role of Dr. Scott, due to a car wreck i had that permanently disabled me...i can walk, with a limp....and it hurts too, but i get by...i no longer need a wheelchair or crutch or cane.

HOMEPAGE: i dont really have a homepage, but ill give u the 2 casts that i perform with pages....F5's is & Backrow Productions is


CAST: i was the cast founder of F5...and basically started it when rocky came to anderson, later moved on to easley, then spartanburg, and now resides back in easley....but during that time, i moved to myrtle beach, sc, around the time it moved to easley for the 2nd now i perform monthly with the cast Backrow Productions of charleston, sc...i am also a part of the Sins of the South is basically made up of various members of F5, BRP, and one member of the savannah, ga cast, Pure SOS, we perform semi-regulary at the House of Blues in myrtle beach every 2 months, or so.

BRAD SINCE: i startedd out playing Brad when F5 was first created...i stayed until we found Andy, who, in my eyes, and a lot of others, is PERFECT for brad....i then played janet, then our theatre quit on us, then i had my wreck, and came back as dr. scott...on my last nite performing with F5, i played Brad again, then a couple of times for our shows at the House of Blues, i am always Brad, altho i now play as Rocky at the BRP shows.

PREV. CAST(S): when i lived in atlanta, ga, i worked at a theatre that started playing RHPS, and the 2 casts N9 and Lambda Psi Phi started performing...i got involved with a member of N9, and was drawn deeper into the realm of Rocky Horror, yet, i never really had the balls to perform with i just mainly helped out with cleaning and stuff....i never performed until i moved back to anderson, sc and formed F5.

OTHER: i love Brad's character....and love to perform as is very entertaining to me, except for the fact of it hurting like hell (my feet and legs, due to the accident)....i can do it, but not Brad, ur on ur feet just a lil too much for me to b able to stand all too often....the only other thing that gets me is the costume changes that Brad goes the beginning i am hot as hell cause of everything im wearing, and then, at the ennd, even after all has been taken off and replaced with a corset, garters, fishnet, and panties, im still sweating like a dog lol....i love it is a lot of fun.

notes about pics:

PICTURE 2: i apologize for my rude attire...i was NOT ready to perform that nite, and did not know b4hand that i was going to, therefore, i brought no costume.

PICTURES 3 - 6: Nixon was played by Sem, and Frank was played by John...and here, i have to apologize for the poor quality of the photos...we had a new photographer, then.

PICTURE 7: from my last show with F5...the weekend b4 was our Halloween show, and that weekend we all dressed up in various costumes...i was "a Happy Psycho"....the person with me, playing Janet(Wendy), was "a Zombie Girl" lol...a lot of the costumes werent that great, and a last minute thing for some of us, but it was all fun...

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